“Evolution in Action” (OEB 100) course overview video
 Christopher Marx, Harvard University



Student Project Videos
“Evolution in Action” (OEB 100), Spring 2011, Christopher Marx, Harvard University

The goal of this course is to teach students how to design, implement, and present original scientific work (using experimental evolution as the center-piece). As conveying science to a lay audience is a particular challenge, we have each group develop a video that can be posted on Youtube (as well as here). Students try to convey the over-arching biological question they addressed, gives a picture for the model system and approach taken, summarizes their results, and captures the broad significance of work in this area.
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Evolution of growth on the toxic compound: formaldehyde (Spring 2011)

Evolution of cooperation and cheating in a synthetic, two-species consortium.
(Spring 2010)

Role of membrane biomarkers in growth and adaptation of Methylobacterium
(Spring 2010)

Metabolic basis of cooperation between Escherichia and Methylobacterium
(Spring 2009)

Evolution of metabolic novelty in Methylobacterium (Spring 2009)

Genetic basis of adaptation revealed through genome sequencing
(Spring 2009)