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Fortnite: What are Zombies In the Game, Let’s Get All The Details!

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Epic Games developed one of the amazing games the Fortnite. There are three different game modes, such as Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative mode. The game was the first time came in 2017, and now here we will talk about the zombies in the Fortnite.

The zombies are present in the Save the World mode game. Basically, they are monsters who famous as Husks in the game. Husks were created after the mysterious storm, and they are dangerous and cause destruction.

Each Husk has different tasks, and they target living survivors. Let’s hear talk about the type of husks which present in the Fortnite game.

Zapper: these husks types have a moderate threat level and can be very deadly if they come across them. They attack the group and make them more deadly than usual.

Husks: this type looks like a zombie, and therefore people confuse with zombies. They are humans, but the storm changed, they have a basic and different type of powers and personalities.

Beehives: it looks like another one husk, but the different thing is beehives, which make them usual than others.

Lobber: these husks types are long-range attackers and use different bombs and whatnot for an attack. Moreover, they also use poison bombs and save themselves by destroying the bombs in the air.

Husky Husk is a bigger version of husks and looks bigger in size and cause damage more than normal.

Midget: they are smaller than normal and have speedier mobility a cause lot of chaos.

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Mimic: They look like a loot chest and have crazy movements. After the damage, their true form revealed.

Smasher: these zombies or husks have one thing which is smashed things, and their size is huge. Their attacks have loud sound.

Taker: these zombies are a special type of husks with special abilities such as phasing through the walls, flying, and give directions towards the targets.

Storm King: This type appears in the last stage of the game. He has big horns and power that difficult to take down.

Elemental types: these husks have special element abilities such as fire, water, and nature.

Sploder: they have small size and have a propane cylinder on them for the attack on prey.

Pitcher: this type throws things and mostly are spectral bones. They wear a baseball-type uniform and look cool.

Riot Husks: there are riot squads which have a shield with the, it is made from scrap and the basic attack us using this shield as a weapon.

Mist Monsters: It is one of the stronger monster husks and gets evolved once they start attacking.

Flinger: This type can throw fellow husks, and they are easily killed as well.

These are all types of zombies that are found in the Fortnite game.