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Elden Ring: Gameplay, Release Date and Latest Features of The Game!

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Many fans of the game of thrones are still in love with it and for them difficult to say goodbye. Well, for that purpose now, you cab get rid through this post. The star writer is busy in collaboration with the Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki. They are developing the fantasy universe game, and it would be called Elden ring.



At Microsoft’s E3 2019 on 9th June, it was revealed that the game would release soon. Moreover, another one will also be out called Soulsborne, which reminds us of the Dark Souls series.

The game is set in the fantasy universe and full of horror elements.

The famous writer George R.R Martin is bringing Elden ring for the fans. First, it was said that it would come in May 2019, but he said via his blog he is doing consulting with some vide game out of Japan. So the collaboration is done with From Software.

The theme of Elden ring will be, “ the will, ambition of mankind.” It was also revealed at the E3 conference 2019.  The trailer was out and said that the game would be released in March 2020.

In another interview with developers, it was said that the Elden ring is in the development phase for a long time since the DLC of Dark Souls 3 released. According to rumors, the game may have influenced by Norse mythology.

Miyazaki said the game would be a great exploration and take place in an open world. However, it would not entirely open; it could also be unrestrictive. Well, Fromsoftwater is expecting Elden ring will be more exciting.

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Well, the release date was not confirmed by the officials; however the platform has been confirmed. Yes, it will be available for Xbox One,  PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows. Here you can watch the short clip of the game.

Release Date of Elden Ring

Besides all of the above, according to the latest updates of April 2020, the developer From Software revealed that the open word activity game is coming soon.  Well, many reports are saying that Elden ring has patched to ready for June 2020.  But all the speculations have wasted.

Yes! The actual release date of Elden Ring is 31st December 2020, and this date is declared by the developers officially.  So hold on and wait till 31st December 2020.