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Death Stranding was Criticized in the US Because It Isn’t The Usual First Person Shooter, Kojima Says

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There are now many Death Stranding cases right in succession, but a comment from Hideo Kojima made everyone just too curious about his opinions on the matter.

In an interview with Tgcom24, Kojima says the following about the reception of Death Stranding: “I must say that the game received rave reviews, especially in Europe and Japan. Here in the United States, however, we have had stronger criticisms. Perhaps it is a difficult game to understand for a certain type of critic and audience. Americans are great fans of first-person shooters and Death Stranding isn’t one, it flies higher.”

“I always try to create new things and disputes and discussions are fine, but it must be said that the Italians or the French have a different artistic sensibility that allows them to appreciate this kind of very original product, not only in video games but also in cinema,” Kojima further commented.

Common sense does say that different cultures have different tastes, but can it be said that Americans are less open to games that try something new out of focus on shooting? Tell us, what do you think about the statements of Kojima?

Death Stranding is now available on PS4 and will release on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store in the early summer of 2020.

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