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Who You Gonna Call? How to Find Your Business Energy Supplier

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Starting up a new business or moving locations can become a stressful time especially if you need to work out the little things such as locating your current energy supplier or moving over to another provider in a new area code. 

It is important to know who you are getting your resources from so that your lights are always on and should you encounter any problems you know who to call to have it sorted out. 

Utility Bidder is a comparison website that not only allows for businesses to find the cheapest deal on their utilities but also provides extra helpful information on finding out who your energy supplier might be or how to get in contact with them. 


Utility Company vs Business Energy Supplier 

Utilities companies are the ones that sell you the electricity and provide it to your premise. However, they do not make the electricity themselves. This means that they purchase it from their own supplier and then supplier their customers with it by maintaining the supply lines 

The charges that you are paying to your utility company is for the maintenance of the powerlines that they are responsible for in the area. 

Energy suppliers on the other hand, provide the electricity that the utility companies need to be able to supply with. There are different types of methods that these energy suppliers can use to produce the resource such as natural gas, coal energy, solar power, hydropower, nuclear power and even wind power. 

You can now choose your own energy supplier despite having to use the utility company that is based in your area. This means choosing the one with the cheapest rates and the best energy supply for your business. 

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What is the Energy Network Association (ENA)

These people are responsible for the management and maintenance of the infrastructure which includes the wires and the pipes used to supply energy and gas to businesses and homes. 

There are two types of networks, the transmission network and the distribution network. The transmission networks are the ones that move the energy supply over long distances while the distribution networks provide these gas and energy into your home and businesses. 

Ways to Find Your Energy Supplier 

To find out who is supplying your energy you can contact the Energy Network Operators and they will be able to tell you who is your business energy supplier. 

You can use the Energy Network Association search tool to find your network operator by postcode and then you can contact the operator for your supplier details. 

You can also get your electricity metre point administration number which will tell your energy supplier where your metre is and what your electricity supply number is. 

Here are some of the other methods you can use to find your energy supplier:

  • Ask the previous landlord or owner

This can be the best place to start if you are moving into a new building or even a new area. The previous owner/landlord can give you the contact details of the utility company that is the main provider for the area or advise you about having to make a change or get your own energy supplier. 

  • You can check your most recent energy bill 

Your energy supplier should be listed on your energy bill with the breakdown of your monthly charges. 

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If an utility company and business energy provider is servicing the area and listed on the bill then your business energy supplier should be listed near the supply charges on the energy bill. 

  • Check your distribution company 

Your local distribution company might be able to find out which business energy supplier has been supplying your business as these companies sometimes work alongside energy suppliers. 

If that is of no help, you can also try checking with your regulatory commission in your state. 

  • Contact your local government 

If you are still struggling to locate your business energy supplier then contacting city hall or your local government official office can help in finding your supplier. 

  • Check your state’s website 

You can also check your state’s website if they have one, and locate your business energy supplier that way. 


The above listed information should be helpful in locating your business’s energy supplier or at least grant you access to your utility company which can then point you in the right direction.

As per CTN News, If you are looking to make a switch from your current business energy supplier you can use a comparison website to compare quotes that is the most cost effective and won’t be a hassle changing to. 

Be sure to keep all documentation of your current energy supplier or continuously check your online account to ensure that you are not being overcharged for the resources that you use.