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4 Easy Home Remodels to Handle Yourself

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Home improvement is something many homeowners want to get in on. Perhaps you have just finished completing the steps to buy a house and are now looking to add some personalization to your new home? Alternatively, you could be looking to improve problem areas that have plagued your home for years. We all have plenty of work to do around the house, but this can end up getting pushed back due to the costs of hiring a professional. Fortunately, there are many projects you can tackle yourself, even if you don’t have much experience.  What are some projects that you can do to get the feel of DIY while still improving your home? Here are four easy home remodels that you should be able to handle yourself. 



Among all one of the easy home remodels are to handle yourself is to repaint your house. Painting is a great DIY project because it has many positive qualities. Painting a room a different color can create a breath of fresh air in a room, creating an entirely new mood and atmosphere. Even just simply repainting a room the same color can breathe new life into a room. After long enough, your paint color might get dingy or dirty from everyday life, so a new coat can help freshen it up. You might think that for how effective paint is that it would be expensive, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, paint is not that expensive, and you don’t need that much DIY experience to pull it off. It might surprise you what a difference the right paint color can make. This can completely change the look and feel of any room. Certain colors can make a space feel bigger, brighter, or invoke a specific emotion when you’re in the room. If you want effective and easy home remodels, try repainting your home.

Add a Kitchen Backsplash

Many of us have outdated kitchens that we dream of remodeling. Redoing your whole kitchen can be a huge expense, but there’s plenty you can do on your own. One extremely easy renovation you can pull off is adding a kitchen backsplash behind your stove. A backsplash can be an extremely effective design choice, adding a whole new element to your kitchen. Backsplashes can add some extra color to your kitchen, and their unique designs can really stand out and make a difference. In addition, backsplashes can also serve a practical purpose, protecting the area behind your stove from spills and stains. To top it all off, adding a kitchen backsplash in isn’t difficult at all, and even an absolute beginner to DIY can pull it off. If you want to add an interesting design element to your kitchen, try adding in a backsplash. Depending on the amount of backsplash you need, this might only take you a day to start and finish, and many backsplashes you can by yourself are relatively inexpensive. This can be a big change to your kitchen and help improve the way the whole room looks. 

Bathroom Makeover

When it comes to rooms in a house, the bathroom is often overlooked. Compared to other rooms like the kitchen, living room, and bedroom, the bathroom is usually forgotten. If you have a dull bathroom, you might not think much about it, but you deserve better than this. A bathroom should be a peaceful, relaxing place, which is largely dependent on the way it looks. For many bathroom remodels, you absolutely need a professional for things like your bathtub and toilet. However, there are plenty of easy bathroom DIY projects that you can complete to make your bathroom stand out from a design perspective. For example, you could replace your bathroom cabinet knobs or install a brand new shower door or head. Projects like these are relatively easy to pull off, but can still go a long way in making your bathroom appear much newer and better looking. These small and easy home remodels projects, paired with other improvements like a new paint color and new accents like towels and floor mats, can make a huge impact. With just a few minor cosmetic changes, your bathroom can start looking brand new

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The first thing people notice about your house is the outside, so this should be where you invest a lot of your remodeling efforts. This is also an area where you can do a lot of the work yourself with no problems. An extremely easy, yet effective home improvement project is landscaping. Improving your yard and your home’s exterior doesn’t take that much money or DIY experience, making it the perfect project to tackle for beginners. If you want to make drastic changes to your landscaping, you might need professional help, but there’s a lot you can do yourself. Things like caring for your grass, planting flowers, and investing in some shrubbery can transform your yard. Of course, this will require some regular maintenance to keep everything looking good. You might also try power washing your sidewalks, driveway, and porch to make everything look new. In addition, landscaping has a huge effect on your home. Curb appeal is extremely important, as it directly impacts how visitors view the rest of your home. You want people to be impressed right away, thinking your house is nice before they even walk in. With proper landscaping, you can accomplish that type of curb appeal for your home.